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8 things you can do with avocados

As a culinary consumer, you can:

1. Part of breakfast.

The avocado can be a good snack or breakfast if spread it on a toast of bread and add some goat cheese, for example. You can accompany it with some crushed nuts or some seeds, like sesame, chia or flax.

2. Salad.

Just cut the avocado in small pieces and let the imagination fly. It combines great with green salads, lettuce, couscous or even vegetables, such as chickpeas. It also goes along with nuts, tomatoes, carrots or radishes, so the combinations are multiple.

3. Ice cream.

Ice cream can be made from almost anything, but sometimes we forget that the avocado is perfect to eat in this way. The recipe is very easy, just a little fresh milk, some fresh avocados, brown sugar or honey and a freezer. It’s a good way, not only to enjoy this food that we love, but to take advantage of those avocados that we have in the fridge and that are about to go bad.

4. Avocado shake.

Rarely do we try to prepare the avocados in milkshake, but it is a good way to take advantage of all its nutrients (vitamins A, C and B, calcium, iron and magnesium, among others) and enjoy its delicious flavor. A recipe? Avocado, banana, natural yogurt without sugar and a pinch of honey. A treat.


5. It Condition dry hair

Mix one cup of mayonnaise with the half-avocado pulp well ripe, until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Spread throughout the hair, wrap with a warm towel and let it act for 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and wash as usual. Repeat once a week. If you want a healthier option, instead of mayonnaise, you can use an egg and lemon juice with avocado pulp.

6. Soften cracked lips

Melt one tablespoon of coconut oil, half a tablespoon of shea butter and half a tablespoon of avocado oil. Remove well and let it to cool down. Store in the refrigerator and apply every night on the lips, without rinsing.


7. Regulate cholesterol.

Eat a raw avocado a day, as a substitute for mayonnaise on sandwiches, as an ingredient for salads or as a mid-afternoon snack. This can reduce triglycerides by as much as 15% in a month.

8. Reduce stretch marks.

After childbirth or slimming and gaining weight repeatedly, stretch marks appear. In order to reduce its appearance, mix the pulp of one half avocado with a spoonful of lemon juice and a spoonful of Bee honey. When you get a homogenous paste, apply in the affected area with circular massages, make sure to have a clean skin. Then rinse with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

As you can see, there are many uses that you can give avocado, take advantage of it.


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