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10 reasons to drink a green juice everyday

The green juice is full of chlorophyll. This pigment - which gives green plants its color - strengthens the immune system, helps treat anemia, eliminates toxins, clears the intestines and prevents various diseases.

We're just getting started and you already have a few good reasons to consume a green juice a day.

The green juice has wonderful properties to provide your body with necessary energy. In no time you will notice the vitality and improvements in health.

Here are 10 reasons to start eating them today:

1. They are excellent for slimming

If you consume a green juice while fasting in the morning, it will help you obtain nutrients from in addition satisfy your appetite without increasing your gucemic indexes, this will help you reach the next meal without the anxiety of eating anything that gets in front of you, with that said, the benefits of green juice while fasting are beneficial even though if you consume at any time of the day you can enjoy of its properties as well.

2. Clean the blood.

Because of the high chlorophyll content in the juices, the blood oxygenates bringing more oxygen to the entire body. This will eliminate toxins and help to regenerate the cells that form the tissues and the body system.

3. Constipation problems.

Green juices are excellent for bowel cleansing, helping evacuate impurities from the colon and intestines. It promotes bowel movement.

4. Detoxify

Green juice is a form of detoxification of the system and in fact is one of the reasons why some people begin to introduce vegetable juice in the first place because it provides nutrients that accelerate and facilitate detoxification, especially in the liver, where most body detoxification takes place.

5. They help you ingest vegetables (which you may not like) in the most efficient way.

Some people may find it difficult to consume so much vegetables, but this can easily be achieved with a glass of green juice. Smart combinations can result in rich flavors.

6. You can add a greater variety of vegetables to your food.

Many people eat only a few salad-shaped vegetables a day. This violates the principle of food rotation and increases your chances of developing allergy to certain foods. But with green juices, you can incorporate a wide variety of vegetables that you would not normally eat in its entire form.

7. Prevent cancer

Green juices are high in antioxidants that protect cells and helps prevent food from breaking down in your stomach.

8. Help digestion.

Normally your digestive system works very hard to get all the nutrients of food, taking green juices facilitates the work. Your stomach will no longer have to strain to undo the food, because it is ready for digestion. In addition, the enzymes in green juices no longer make your body have trouble absorbing the nutrients.

9. Hydrates

Green juices are not only loaded with flavor, but have a high content of water that helps your body in what it needs. You can keep yourself deliciously hydrated, even in the most intense heat.

10. It contributes to the optimal functioning of the body’s organs.

Green juices provide significant amounts of vitamins (A, C and K) and essential minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron) for optimal functioning of each organ of the body.

As you can see, a green juice a day can make a huge difference in your health.


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